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Dear Travelers,

Despite of being born and raised on the land of Vietnam – the S-shaped country lying on the Indochinese Peninsula, we can’t help but be absolutely impressed and amazed every time we set foot on any corner of our mother country. 


logo redtours hinh tronWith an intense pride of the endless beauty of our country, we strongly hope we could bring that indescribable charm to show to the world. Vietnam is a place to go, to come, to witness, to discover, and to remember. Vietnam - where the old and the new converge!


logo redtours hinh tronA plenty of ancient heritages are considered as must-see aractions once you set your foot on Vietnam: Imperial Citadel of Thang Long in

 Hanoi, Hoa Lu Ancient Citadel in Ninh Binh, Imperial Citadel in Hue, Hoi An Ancient Town, My Son Sanctuary… 


logo redtours hinh tronComing to Vietnam , you will find you home with your beloved friends and family, even when you’re travelling. Vietnam is the lovely friend that will bring you most unforgeable memories in your lifetime. We will surely help you perfect those memories with most remarkable travel experiences!

- Hanoi Redtours Sales Team -





Vietnam Winter Packages 2015

Enjoy  Come to Hanoi, come to the Millennium Capital of Vietnam which still remains an elegant and ancient city. Come to Ha Long Bay, come to the World Heritage which is regarded as a natural phenomenon with more than 1000 islets and islands…


Price per pax for group: 15 pax + 1 Foc


logo redtours hinh tronThe Beauty Of The North 5 days 4 nights, $ 302 

 Enjoy the unique beauty of the Northern Vietnam with 5 days 4 nights in Hanoi Capital and Ha Long Bay. Just from 302$ with the group of 15+ 1 Foc.


logo redtours hinh tron

 Amazing South of Vietnam 4 days 3 nights $ 320 

Your perfect day in Ho Chi Minh City is here, then travelling  to the heart of Mekong Delta 


logo redtours hinh tronNew Experience in Southern Vietnam  410$ 

Sai Gon (Ho Chi Minh City) is once called “Pearl of the Far East” for its magnificent and appealing beauty. 


logo redtours hinh tronEssence of Vietnam 11 days 10 nights  $611 

Welcome to Vietnam. Wander through twisting cobbled streets, meet friendly hill tribes amidst tumbling rice terraces ..