Having been working more than 20 years in the industry, Flamingo Travel proudly provide clients with responsible and sustainable tourism. As a leading Destination Management Company with a mission of improving quality of living standard, we acknowledge the importance and essence of community in the travel industry. Without it, we are definitely not able to introduce to the world how beautiful our nature is, and how beautiful we are. 

Flamingo Travel  is committed to supporting local communities and empowering marginalized communities to participate in and benefit from sustainable tourism development. It helps to minimizing negative impacts and maximizing positive ones for both the environments we operate in, and the people living in them. A steadfast commitment to responsible travel is vital to our ethos.

Also, by supporting local charities, enterprises and organizations that contribute to environmental and cultural causes, we are able to maximize the benefits that tourism has on locals and their economy. Whenever possible, we encourage guests to partake in sustainable tourism activities, shop at fair-trade shops, or dine in restaurants run by vocational institutions that train youths and disadvantaged peoples. Additionally, we regularly take part in charity work such as building a school for minority people in Son La, and encourage clients and travelers to do the same.