Vietnam Tourism Day

July 9
On this momentous occasion of the 64th anniversary of Vietnam Tourism Day (July 9, 1960 - July 9, 2024), Flamingo Travel extends its warmest wishes to all tourism professionals and enthusiastic travelers across the nation!

Vietnam Tourism: A Journey of Excellence

Vietnam's tourism industry has embarked on an extraordinary journey over the past 64 years, marked by remarkable achievements and unwavering resilience. On July 9, 1960, the signing of Decree 26/1960/ND-CP by Prime Minister Pham Van Dong marked a pivotal moment, establishing the Vietnam Tourism Company and laying the foundation for the industry's remarkable growth trajectory.

Despite the challenges and transformations, Vietnam's tourism industry has emerged as a driving force behind the country's socioeconomic development. The industry has played a pivotal role in promoting Vietnam's rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes to the international community, attracting tourists from all corners of the globe. Tourism has also contributed significantly to the nation's economy, generating substantial revenue and creating employment opportunities.

Flamingo Travel's Heartfelt Greetings and Embracing a Bright Future

On this special occasion of Vietnam Tourism Day, Flamingo Travel extends our heartfelt congratulations to all tourism professionals and avid travelers across Vietnam. We wish the Vietnamese tourism industry continued prosperity and global recognition, and we hope that every journey undertaken by travelers will be filled with energy, passion, and unforgettable experiences.

As we commemorate this significant milestone, we also look towards the future of Vietnam's tourism industry with immense optimism and excitement. The industry holds immense potential for further growth and development, driven by several key factors:

  • Vietnam's captivating natural beauty: From the majestic mountains of Sapa to the pristine beaches of Phu Quoc, Vietnam boasts a diverse and breathtaking landscape that continues to captivate travelers worldwide.
  • Rich cultural heritage: Vietnam's rich cultural heritage, evident in its ancient temples, vibrant festivals, and diverse ethnic groups, offers a unique and immersive travel experience.
  • Warm hospitality: Vietnamese people are renowned for their warm hospitality, making visitors feel welcome and valued throughout their journeys.
  • Government's commitment to tourism development: The Vietnamese government recognizes the importance of tourism and is committed to investing in infrastructure development, policy reforms, and marketing initiatives to further promote the industry.

Flamingo Travel is confident that Vietnam's tourism industry is poised for continued growth and success in the years to come. We are committed to playing a leading role in this exciting journey, providing our clients with exceptional travel experiences that showcase the best of Vietnam.

Together, Let's Elevate Vietnam Tourism to New Heights!