• Post:06/01/2017 - Viewed:654
    Departure : Ho Chi Minh
    PRICE FROM US$: 387
    THE BASSAC CRUISE: CAN THO TO CAI BE (HNRT-ST 26)   In this tour which will bring you from Can Tho to Cai Be, you will see all the charm of the Mekong Delta inboard of a converted and fully equipped traditional rice barge: the endless...
  • Post:06/01/2017 - Viewed:549
    Departure : Ho Chi Minh
    PRICE FROM US$: 387
    THE BASSAC CRUISE: CAI BE TO CAN THO (HNRT-ST 25)   From Cai Be, in a converted and fully equipped traditional rice barge designed for great comfort, you will go and discover the bustled lifestyle of the protagonists of the floating m...
  • Post:06/01/2017 - Viewed:555
    Departure : Ho Chi Minh
    PRICE FROM US$: 613
    SOUTHERN POINT OF VIETNAM (HNRT-ST 24)   This 6-day-5-night tour will bring you in the quiet and peaceful landscape of the Mekong Delta. You will go and meet people who make the floating markets alive in Can Tho, maybe you will have t...
  • Post:06/01/2017 - Viewed:689
    Departure : Ho Chi Minh
    PRICE FROM US$: 492
    DALAT AND TWO BEACHES (HNRT-ST 23)   The Center Highlands are full of wonders such as the famous former hill station of Dalat which has a spring weather the whole year and which is the paradise of flowers on earth. The Tuyen Lam lake ...
  • Post:06/01/2017 - Viewed:640
    Departure : Ho Chi Minh
    PRICE FROM US$: 320
    FROM HO CHI MINH CITY TO CHAU DOC (HNRT-ST 22)   It's a tremendous tour which will bring you to the edge of cambodian borders, precisely at Chau Doc, to ride through the sampans and floating markets of Cai Rang, from Can Tho. You ...
  • Post:06/01/2017 - Viewed:655
    Departure : Ho Chi Minh
    PRICE FROM US$: 230
    MEKONG DELTA: MY THO (HNRT-ST 21)   The Mekong Delta is the most beautiful delta of Vietnam. To discover this tremendous wonder of nature near My Tho, take a boat to sail down the Mekong river in the middle of the activities of the sa...
  • Post:06/01/2017 - Viewed:648
    Departure : Hanoi
    PRICE FROM US$: 223
    MEKONG DELTA: CAN THO (HNRT-ST 20)   The "Mekong Delta" tour will help you to discover the Mekong Delta by visiting the Cai Rang floating market and the Can Tho one. It's a real parade of colors and flavours you can expe...
  • Post:06/01/2017 - Viewed:622
    Departure : Ho Chi Minh
    PRICE FROM US$: 223
    MEKONG DELTA: BEN TRE (HNRT-ST 19)   This tour is a short one full of discoveries in Ben Tre province, in the Mekong Delta. From Ho Chi Minh City, you will be very surprised by the floating markets which are the charm of the south. ...
  • Post:06/01/2017 - Viewed:574
    Departure : Ho Chi Minh
    PRICE FROM US$: 597
    HIGHLANDS FROM HO CHI MINH CITY (HNRT-ST 18)   During this tour, you will follow the former Ho Chi Minh trail, in order to discover the most beautiful places of the Center Highlands, in the Buon Ma Thuot province. Visiting the Ethnogr...
  • Post:06/01/2017 - Viewed:603
    Departure : Hoi An
    PRICE FROM US$: 413
    HIGHLANDS FROM HOI AN (HNRT – ST 17)   The "Highlands from Hoi An" tour will give you the opportunity to get away of the imperial past to go and meet the ethnic groups of the Center Highlands who live in the long  ...
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