A new dawn breaks over Ngoi Village
Post: 25/05/2018 - Viewed: 710
VietNamNet Bridge – Disconnected from the outside world for a long time, a village in the middle of a huge reservoir is discovering the benefits of community-based tourism, Luong Thu Huong reports.

Not too long ago, Ngoi Village was living in a world of its own, quietly minding its own business, virtually unnoticed in the midst of a massive reservoir created by a hydropower project.

Accessible only by boat, its inhabitants wiled away their time fishing and farming.

That was until two months ago.

A community-based tourism project has woken up the outside world to this slice of paradise and changed the lives of the villagers.

The unique culture and simple lifestyle of the ethnic Muong that have been preserved for centuries in the village are now a magnet attracting more and more visitors, and bringing more income to locals.

It took us about 30 minutes to reach Ngoi Village by boat from the Thung Nai wharf. The ride was a great opportunity to contemplate the beauty of Hoa Binh Lake, as the locals call the reservoir, that provides water for the Hoa Binh hydroelectric plant.

As we approached the village, we could understand why the centre of this man-made lake has been compared to Viet Nam’s natural wonder, Ha Long Bay.

Over 50 islets of all shapes and sizes rose languidly from the depths of the vast expanse of jade green water.

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